At Marshall, we have the highest expectations for our students.  We believe that they can achieve, and we love to positively motivate.  These are some of the systems that we have in place to provide a positive school climate. 


Marshall Behavior Expectations

Be respectful.

Be responsible.

Be supportive and encouraging.


Marshall Quiet Signal

Fingers held in the air in the shape of a zero signals students that it is time to be silent.  We use 1 finger in the air to signify using a whisper voice, a 2 for a normal talking voice, and a 3 signifying an outdoor voice.  As students see these signals, they add theirs as well.  Quickly an entire room can become silent or drop to a quieter noise level.  Not only do Marshall teachers and staff use these signals, students also remind each other using these signals.  Marshall students are supportive and encouraging!


Caught Being Good Program

We love to catch our students being good!  All staff members are in search of Marshall students following our Marshall Expectations.  As students are seen, they are given a "Caught Being Good" coupon.  This coupon can be used to "purchase" items at our Caught Being Good store, which takes place every other Wednesday during morning recess.