At Marshall, we have the highest expectations for our students.  We believe that they can achieve, and we love to positively motivate.  These are some of the systems that we have in place to provide a positive school climate. 


Marshall Behavior Expectations

Be respectful.

Be responsible.

Be supportive and encouraging.


Marshall Quiet Signal


Fingers held in the air in the shape of a zero signals students that it is time to be silent.  We use 1 finger in the air to signify using a whisper voice, a 2 for a normal talking voice, and a 3 signifying an outdoor voice.  As students see these signals, they add theirs as well.  Quickly an entire room can become silent or drop to a quieter noise level.  Not only do Marshall teachers and staff use these signals, students also remind each other using these signals.  Marshall students are supportive and encouraging!


Caught Being Good Program

We love to catch our students being good!  All staff members are in search of Marshall students following our Marshall Expectations.  As students are seen, they are given a "Caught Being Good" coupon.  This coupon goes into a drawing for a chance to win popcorn on Friday.  It also helps the student's grade level to win the Grade Level Competition and have their flag flown in the Cafeteria.  We also have a school wide competition!  When Marshall students reach our goal, we get extra recess!


Opportunity Room

Sometimes students need another opportunity to be successful.  This may mean finishing homework or classwork.  Sometimes this means reflecting on a poor behavior choice.  When a student needs this opportunity, they are referred to the Opportunity Room.  This is a classroom where the students get a quiet place during recess to complete what is needed and become successful.  These students will also have the opportunity to talk with an adult to help create a plan on how to change the behavior that referred them to the Opportunity Room.