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This year we have support full time from the Military Family Life Consultant--an Army funded position to help provide resources and consultation to parents and teachers.

We also have a Family Services Specialist who provides services to students seeking support or needing interventions for social, emotional and behavioral issues, which affect the students ability to be successful in school. These issues are often due to deeper concerns relating to substance abuse in the home, mental health, or social issues. The Family Services Specialist identifies students in need of intervention, assesses these students’ specific needs, meets with the family, creates action plans, and provides them with support, psychotherapy and referral to resources.

Students can be referred by teachers, parents, concerned professionals, other students, and self. All referrals are kept strictly confidential/private. If you would like to make a referral contact the school's Family Service Specialist.

At some point in life, everyone deals with personal problems. Some of these problems can be quite severe and have very harmful consequences to a young person’s life. Below, is a list of the type of problems that the Family Services Specialist can help students and parents deal with.

Family Problems

Grief and Loss

Peer Conflicts

Depression and Anxiety

Excessive Behavior Problems