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Map and Directions

View a map of George C. Marshall Elementary School.


300 Normandy Road
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 899-7052


We are pleased to announce that the construction of Marshall’s student drop off/pick up zone is complete! The completion of this project has been a long time coming and we appreciate our families' patience as we worked as diligently as possible to mitigate delays and inconvenience. We are grateful for your patience while we  beautified our Marshall Elementary campus. 

 We invite you to study our new traffic flow map.  Some of the important points are:

  1. Immediately enter either the left  or right lanes and pull all the way forward to drop-off your child.
  2. If you are dropping off or picking up your child remain in the line of cars waiting until you reach the yellow loading zone. Do not drop off along the red curb entering or exiting the property.
  3. The left side of each lane is for drive through traffic ONLY.  DO NOT attempt to pass cars on the left and then enter the loading zone.
  4. Be aware that families will be using the crosswalk located in the parking lot. The speed limit is 5 mph.
  5. Cars can drive through, but NOT block,  the handicap loading and unloading zone indicated with blue lines. There are two handicap parking spots adjacent to the left lane.
  6. Designated parent/visitor parking can be found in the left lane and along the curb on Normandy Road.
  7. Student pick-up will be from the right lane curb ONLY. Students will gather near the flagpole and be supervised by staff until you arrive.
  8. Finally, if possible, please ensure that your child can be loaded or unloaded from the right side of your vehicle. We want to make this procedure as efficient and safe as possible. Having parents or students exit their cars from the driver’s side and pass between cars can pose a safety risk.
Driveway Map